Whoraholic (TM)

There is this chinese drink called “Horlick”, pronounced “whore-lick”. It tastes like awesome. Everybody should Horlick.

I had a profound revelation today. So profound that I doubt I will be able to articulate aforementioned revelation in words. But for you, I try:

I know why the hot chick is dating the ugly dude.

It’s simple. It’s not because he’s crapping cash, it’s because she loves him. And when you love someone, it’s the same dumb feeling. You can be in love with Brad Pitt, or you can be in love with Danny Devito, besides all that they are, the only constant factor between the two is love. The feeling “love” never changes. Same feeling, different person. The hot chick is dating for that feeling. She isn’t dating for the looks, the cash, or anything else. At the end of the day, no matter who you’re with, if you’re in love with that person, you’re only going to feel love.

I think my pathetic little blog does not do this idea justice, but I thought I’d immortalize it here while the concept matures and percolates away in my head. I hate saying the word “love”, but it’s probably because I don’t quite understand it.

I sound like such a sap, I need to balance my machismo. Maybe I’ll go hunt down some lesbian porn to make me feel more man… *shudder*

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