Bleeding Love or Just Bleeding?

I hate “relationship” status – on dating sites, on Facebook, on anything. For a long time now, I’ve been averse to ever complying to the Internet’s interest in what my “status” is. I think for almost all queers out there, they’d benefit from a relationship status called “moving on”. Actually, that doesn’t do justice to our community of wonderful young men. Let’s add another status or two. How about “just sleeping around”, or “very single”, or “seeing someone but will still sleep with you”. It makes things much more diverse and interesting. I mean, come on even, you’ve got some dumb nebulous status called “talking to someone” and “whatever”, let’s stop beating around the bush and get to the point. We’ve got all these brave souls on Downelink and Plenty of Fish explicitly stating in their profiles “looking for hookups” or “cam with me” or some crazy stuff like that – save these honest whores the trouble and let them set it in their status! Will someone please think of the sluts?! I salute them all, because they do it and they’ve also got the balls to say it.

Still, I don’t understand it. How does anyone do it? When you sleep with someone who means nothing to you, or someone you say means nothing, do you kiss? Do you hug? Do you cuddle in the afterglow? Is there any passion or affection at all? Maybe you’re just feeling horny and you’ve lost motor skills in both your hands so you’re forced to shove your penis into something. Not to judge anyone, but does the word “inhibitions” come up in your vocabulary?

Dear sluts, let me buy you a Bible.

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