There’s No Place Like Home

I need to remember that when the cute officer at the airport border crossing is asking for where I live, what I do, and what “goods” I’ve got – he’s NOT making a pass on me. Oh snapple. 😦

I’m home now from my hiatus from reality. A brief respite in Hong Kong was all I needed to feel fully rejuvenated (read worn down and jet lagged) before my new job. Probably the most valuable lesson I’ve learned on this trip is to NOT book a flight around the Olympics. My luggage was poked at and ravaged by multiple uniformed men (lucky luggage, jokes) at various points throughout the Hong Kong airport. I guess the new zit on my nose and my Canadian accented Chinese makes me look so threatening. Oooh, Canadian terrorist. Don’t make me sic my polar bears, penguins, and beavers at you.

The only plus to my 14-hour trek through gates, security guards and a numbingly long flight, was the fact that there was a cute flight attendant and that they had good in-flight movies on cathay pacific. I watched Kung Fu Panda, a really boring Chinese movie with a HOT cast, and 300. I love how the cast of 300 is like an underwear model convention. Mmmm, abs and pecs. Killed 2 hours of my time and that’s all I caught in the movie. I’ll read the synopsis later.

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