Power to the People

I wonder why I even bother with new year resolutions. There really is no point.

At the start of every year I project these fantastic ideas of how I am going to have the body of Usher and the success of Donald Trump. At the start of every year I look back at the fantastic ideas I had set for myself the previous year and realize exactly how far I am from my unrealistic goals. It’s a vicious cycle that writes a self-deprecating loser all over my face. It’s also when Eisenhower chimes in with his old maxim of “plans are nothing, planning is everything”… you’re so right Eisenhower, why do I make claims of accomplishing things without charting out a clear path of how I’m going to get there?

This year, to save myself the trouble of either plans or planning; I am making no resolutions. It’ll be tough, but I’ll try to be content as the gluttonous lethargic pig that I am. :]

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