Hello Darkness My Old Friend

Thanks: for the song “Heartless”, Kanye West, because The Fray did it so much better but needed you to start it.

I’m really, really not desperate for companionship, despite being on 3 different “dating” sites, two gay social network sites, and a “meetup.com” group for “Nice, Intelligent, Successful Gay Men”. I’m just exercising statistical futility.

The population of North America is about 530 million people. According to this recent study, only 3.4% of a tested sample size is in fact, reportedly gay. Which means there are around 18 million gay people in North America. Given that I want to date someone asian, masculine, gay, intelligent, decent looking, Christian, and moderately successful, I’m looking at 0.006% of North America’s population (trust me, I’ve got the math right). Sometimes I wonder if it’s even humanly possible to find “the one” (or more accurately put, the zero point zero zero zero one), or maybe if that one has already come into your life and left already.

Maybe I just need to leave the city for a bit and venture out to find that statistical impossibility. But if he’s looking for me too, maybe the chances increase? Or maybe we’re simply two strangers on the same train going different ways.

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2 Responses to Hello Darkness My Old Friend

  1. white moose says:

    i think I might know someone who kinda fits that criteria

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