The Tragic Hero

Thanks: For even having a car for a homeless man to break into.

This has been the best winter ever. Just yesterday I was battling a hobo that had broken into my car. He bludgeoned me over the head with my reserve glass bottle of cologne from my glove compartment as I was wrestling him to submission. Eventually, the police arrived and arrested the man, but my car is left as a nasty display of scratches, broken glass, and stains of mud and blood. My car needs to be evaluated by an insurance adjustor, but the wait for the evaluation is 10 days, so now I’m left carless, with a twisted ankle, and a slight concussion.

You think your year can’t get any worse when your boyfriend breaks up with you as your grandpa is battling cancer in the hospital, while family drama erupts causing cousins and aunts and uncles to hate each other, as your mom’s health hinges on dangerously high blood pressure.

</end woe is me>

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1 Response to The Tragic Hero

  1. white moose says:

    where did you go?!! more blogs more blogs!!

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