“Do Not Let Us Mistake Necessary Evils for Good” – C.S Lewis

Thanks: Linda Ronstadt for the song “Long Long Time”. I’m pretty sure I was born in the 60’s… but I’m not.

They say love is about compromise… which may be why I always find myself in compromising situations? I don’t mean that type of compromising situation (sickos), but still compromising nonetheless.

In a relationship, I think I’d rather be hurt than have my partner be hurt. And because of that, I’m scared to initiate or commit to a relationship. I don’t want to be hurt, and even moreso to hurt someone else because of my own personal trepidation, callouses, and insecurities… the irony is that that is just as much an impetus for pain.

On one hand, I’m nostalgic with envy of youthful zeal that uninhibitedly flings the heart in whatever hormonal direction the penis points; yet I’m also wary and jaded enough to know the reality behind young love. There is no “love” in “young love”. Just “young”, and “ung”, which is a letter short from “hung”.

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