Long Long Time Ago

Thanks: for life being so busy that I don’t even have time to be sad about it.

I think Hollywood has killed my love. Or, it has simply made it.

I feel like I’m supposed to find love at the coffee shop, over a latte and the morning papers, as he’s at the adjacent table flipping through Wilde. Or maybe at Church as we catch each other’s eyes as we sift through the pews. Or even at the grocery store, reaching for the same apple only to lock fingers, gazes, and exchange contacts.

Anywhere. But not online. Not on downelink or Plenty of Fish or match.com. Not on grindr or jack’d. I will not compromise my values, and throw my face and name into a giant hat full of desperate men hoping that the stars will align.

I’m in no rush for love. I’m working 8am-4pm, and then 5pm-10pm almost every day of the week. I need money, not love. All this hard work and long hours has given me a newfound sense of respect and appreciation for those slutty women that manage to marry rich. Power to you all.

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