My iPhone Now Autocorrects for FML

True story. It really does.

I went out with a friend for a drink. Drove him home. Shortly after, I get a text saying “i think you’re cute”. It was a sweet thing to say, but not really a friend thing to say. It took me awhile to respond, and I went with “I think you are too, we’re just very different people”. And that was the fatal flaw. The next few texts came as a barrage of attacks to me, to which I apologized while attempted to roll with the punches. I felt sorry for my friend, but I also felt horribly liable for his feelings. I didn’t mean to offend him, but I did.

I think I just want to be understood. I don’t care for a partner that’s got money (although that’s a plus), or a partner with a hot body and gorgeous face (although that’s also a big plus), but just somebody who can see into my soul and understand what I’m feeling and thinking. Either that, or somebody who doesn’t see it at all, but someone who is so much more of what I’m not, that all I can do and ever want to do is to see more into the soul of my partner. Someone who inspires me.

I don’t know what I want. I guess my current state of having nothing is a blessing in disguise.

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