One Happy is Surely Better Than None

I find that the most critically painful days of my life are tantamount to the most treasured in those of the ones I love. I remember the day after my ex broke up with me. I was at two of my close friends’ wedding. I remember faking my best smile for the entire evening, and I remember sitting beside the empty seat, with the full setting and name card of my ex staring tauntingly back at me. Where is he tonight? I remember being asked. And I’d fake a poor response to keep the rest of the love in the air. Who talks about breakups on a wedding day? That’s just sad.

I guess this time it’s a bit better. My ex is moving on and dating someone new. It’s nothing serious, but the trajectory is undoubtable. Happiness simply isn’t enough without some pain. It feels like we’re two strangers on the same train going in different directions, and this train is coming to a crushing halt in days. I waited six years for a change. I’m no Gatsby, but I did my best to wait. And I think I’m different. I’m most definitely nowhere as great as Gatsby, but if my Daisy can find happiness, I can be equally happy for Daisy as well.

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