This is Nostalgia, Not Sadness

I waited patiently at the airport as his flight landed in Vancouver. Just yesterday, there was nothing I wanted more than for him to arrive back in Vancouver. Tonight, all I want is for Friday to come sooner so that he can board his plane off to wherever he will be next.

I knew this was coming. Nothing good ever lasts. The room I had booked at the new Fairmont for the two of us is now a night for one. I had been feeling unnaturally lonely the past two weeks, and to have some company; just to feel another heart beating beside mine was a welcome respite I won’t be recognizing. I don’t want to hurt you, he said. And that was fair. I’ll be in Vancouver for who knows how long, and he’ll be off gallivanting in China for the next 4 months, and then off to Toronto for the next 6 months, and then New York for the next year or two. Whenever nature brings together a momentous happiness in one court of the universe, somebody else must suffer… or that is just a running theme in my life. Congratulations to my sister on her wedding tomorrow. Congratulations on my ex for finding someone else to be with. I’ll be in my room, taking a lesson on how to be hopeful, by finishing up the last few chapters of The Great Gatsby.

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