Dreaming of a Day

Friday night. Headphones in, phone off, and 30 Christmas cards completed. I can guarantee I won’t get more than 10 Christmas cards this year, but it’s in the giving that you receive the most – is it not?

I drove to my secret late night stargazing spot. A couple in the car a few spots next to my car was having steamy sex. Despite the short distance between my solitary car and their fogged up windshield, it felt like an eternity away. I stared awhile at the bouncing automobile and decided to step outside and give the couple privacy. Walking along the grass I lay on a dry spot of land and watched airplanes fly above as I counted stars. There were the Pleiades, Orion’s Belt, the Little Dipper, and so on. It reminded me again that there was a God out there; one that was bearing that same cross I was bearing. And it reminded me why I bore the crosses that I do. Is there anybody who seeks to lighten my burden?

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1 Response to Dreaming of a Day

  1. jk says:

    so happy that you’re writing again =]

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