It’s Raining Men

The rain unrelentingly battered the streets of Vancouver. From the corner of my eye, driving down a major vein of the city, my faith in mankind was restored. A young man was walking down the street with his girlfriend. The man took off his hoodie and wore nothing but t-shirt and jeans, just so that he could create a makeshift umbrella for his girlfriend. That, is called chivalry.

I wonder where chivalry has gone for gay men? Did my last ex, the debt-laden alcoholic bar star struggling-to-be Pentecostal have some intrinsic chivalry that I just failed to see?Or maybe my ex who pined after my friend exuded some form of invisible chivalry I was blind to. I wonder, the common denominator in my messed up relationships is me. Do I lack it? Or is it because I have it in a world that doesn’t, that things just don’t seem to work out? I’d like to believe it’s the latter, but the former would make me feel so much more worth being undesirable for. They say everything happens for reason. Sometimes, just sometimes, it would be nice to know that reason.

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