Home is Where the Heart is

In officially a week, I will be a homeowner again. Downsized from a 1000 sq ft apartment to a 625 sq ft apartment. I have a fear that my old friend loneliness will not be so well acquainted with me anymore. Terrified even. The thought that my own personal loneliness will be amplified within my new four walls horrifies me. There is no doubt that I will be alone – but will I be lonely? Maybe I can get a cat. A dozen cats, a few spools of yarn, and a rocking chair. I’ll knit sweaters for my cats.

I also have the choice to not be alone. Would it be better to be alone by yourself, or not-as-alone with the wrong person? As terrified as I am about being alone, I think I’m even more terrified with the thought of a lifetime together with the wrong person. Who is the right person? Who is the wrong person? Is there only one right person? Am I the right person for anyone?

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