Death of an Interior Decorator

5:45pm December 29. My grandma took her last breath. The holidays are a tough time. I’m three for three for December family member deaths. It’s like God just earned himself a turkey in bowling. My extended family is on cue. We’re acting out a Korean drama. Crazy aunt and uncle. Check. Someone who will likely try to take sole ownership of the will. Check. Lots of tears. Check.

I want to make things easy for my funeral. Quick and simple. Tombstone, I want Helvetica. Not some variation of Helvetica, just plain old Helvetica. I want a black choir singing (specifically black, with a strong voiced strong willed dominant singing black lady doing the solos). The song I want sung is “Que Sera Sera”, with a nice sprinkling of some Christian songs. I’d also love to get some open mic action so that everybody can get a chance to go up and talk about how great I was. A tenth of all I own goes to Tenth Ave Church, and everything else goes to my niece, Leanna. Put me in my nice pair of CK’s, grey Banana Republic suit, throw me in a casket and lower me under.

Done. I just wrote my funeral itinerary and will in a blog.

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