Make Me an Instrument of Your Peace

I learned to not fear the ferris wheel, the upside down pirate ship, and other horrific rides by the time I reached 13. My earlier years were fraught with trepidation and horror – only the smiling rainbow unicorn dotted merry-go-round was a friend – but as I matured into my teens, I realized just how much life sucked. So what if a screw came undone or a bolt popped out at the vertex of the Coaster? Life wasn’t worth living anyway. And of course, as a 13 year old man, I knew everything. Just like now, I know everything again – but a bit more everything than I did at 13.

I look back and wonder and think just how wise I was. The numbers have reversed and I’m 31 now, but how horrible would it really be had my youthful prophecy been made true? Or how bad would it be if the brakes to my car were cut, or if my next croissant choked me to death? Life is a constant oscillation of backs and forths and undulations of peaks and troughs. No doubt the peaks span longer than any trough, but these troughs sink deeper than any peak reaches high.

This is the first time I went online to submit a prayer request. “Prayer request type”, the online form requested. I scrolled through the list of request types for what seemed like hours only to be disappointed that there was no option for “all of the above”. “Describe your request”, the form asked. After typing for what was hours, the “submit” button returned a simple “Your prayer request has exceeded our maximum character length.” I had only thought my God had forsaken me, but the Internet made it very clear He really had.

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