I’m “Alan”. I’m also migrating and redeveloping my blog here, away from a website (, hence this blog URL) that once housed thousands of blog entries about a jaded and calloused gay boy growing up as the token Christian in a dysfunctional conservative Chinese family. That blog once documented my every relationship misadventure, and to this day still rests on the shelves of some archaic web server as the anti-Bible to the unsuspecting homosexual looking to learn more about a life he never chose to live. I come here to feel sorry for myself. Once the post is done, so is feeling sorry for myself.

Here, the life and times of a slightly less naive, slightly more jaded, slightly less witty, slightly-definitely-more older me, will be chronicled.

FYI, I start my entries with a devotion, or a “thanks”, as I’ve realized that all I do is whine and complain, I should at the very least be thankful before I make an ass of myself.

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